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The Flying Turtle

Adventures in the wild north side of Israel
The flying turtle is an adventure and jeep tours company, located in the midst of the Israeli northern wilderness at kibbutz merom- Golan. Here in the Golan heights, among dormant volcanic mountains, high altitude lakes, green forests, ancient ruins, native villages and echoes of past wars, we embark upon day and night trips to explore and experience the power of nature, its bliss and Wilderness at its best
The company is run by young Amir Drori. With fluent English or Hebrew he will, gladly, share with you his vast knowledge considering the flora and fauna, the geology, history and relevant present issues of the Golan. typical view from the golan heights
We offer a variety of activities and services for every segment of the population.
Mild and adventurous jeep tours stretching from 2 hours to several days at the outdoor.
Night time safari(wild life spotting)-equipped with powerful spotlights and professional binoculars we embark upon a journey into the wildest terrains to meet the wildlife of our region. The fox,the wild bore,gazelles and more.
Hiking and trekking in the regions wild water canyons and breathtaking corners.
Outdoor feasts– from light local snacks to open fire meat cooking and bushtaka (an Australian term for outdoor cooking and the use of local, native plants.)
Guided tours on private vehicles or tour bus.-an economical offer that will save you the high costs of 4×4 vehicles. We will show you the best of the region using your car and our expert guides. Yes! It’s completely possible!
Adventure games and survival activities– surf to our "totem"game website and get all the details!
Free Information and recommendations– so don’t be shy!! Call us at any time and we will be glad to assist you with all the information you need to get along in the area. As a local native company we are proud of our accumulated knowledge of the area and wish to share it with you guys! Freely!

The flying turtle’s vision is to allow more and more people to experience the beauty of nature in our region and its wilderness, and this we aim to achieve through a direct approach and high quality services.

See you sometime!!

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